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Hey, thanks for the favor. How wonderful it is when:

A neighbor brings a freshly baked pie to your front door.

A mechanic says, “No charge” for fixing something.

A motorist allows you to pull in front of them.

A teacher grants you an extra day to finish the project.

A boss offers you another week of vacation time.

Yes, we are indeed thankful for the favors that come our way in this life. What a breath of fresh air into our sails in the midst of the trials and tribulations that seem to regularly permeate the day.

How much the more when the favor isn’t just temporal and earthly but eternal and divine! When the hand of God touches us, how deeply enriching and exhilarating when we really pause and take the time to ponder it.

To think that God daily showers us with His amazing grace in exact portion for what we need, His mercy that withholds what we do deserve as fickle and finite creatures, His patience despite the countless times we mess up, His peace to grab hold of in a disruptive chaotic world, and His love that reminds us of His acceptance and approval.

O God, what favor you bestow upon us! Thank you.

#sonship #forgiveness #omniscience #approval #restoration #rights

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