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But God!

Life can get quite messy. If you have children, you really know that! “What’s on the wall? What did you put in the toilet? Where did you get that lipstick? What is coming out of your diaper??”

But you don’t have to have children to know that life is messy. The neighborhood boys who seem to find delight in throwing trash on your front yard or ringing your doorbell at midnight. The work project where one of your coworkers isn’t carrying his load. The in-laws who keep leaning in with their comments. The IRS agent who continues to want to find something in error.

Have you noticed that much of such messiness in life involves people in our lives, whether invited or uninvited? We were created as relational beings and yet, people with people seems to create tension and conflict. Imagine that? Broken individuals bring more brokenness into relationships? Who knew?

God certainly does! The One who formed and fashioned us knows everything about us. Yet the moment that sin entered this world, things began to go south and get rather messy.

“But God.” Those two words provide hope and encouragement in the midst of our saga. Into the messiness of our lives, He grants orderliness and settledness. When life is complicated, remember He remains in absolute control. He knows what He’s doing; He’s truly got your back. Be still and know Him.

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