Can I Talk to You?

Imagine sharing the sizable struggle you’re presently facing with a dear friend, only to hear that person state:

  • That’s tough what you’re going through but let me tell you, that’s nothing like what I experienced! Yours is a picnic compared to mine!

  • Wait … what? I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.

  • Life is hard. Yours is no different. Get some thicker skin. You’ll be okay! Hardship makes us better. You know, patience only comes from trials.

How sensitive and compassionate, right? Not at all! The words we express to hurting (or any) people carry an impact. What we say will influence the ears of the listener. Such reality should cause us to guard our lips and pause the oration long enough to contemplate the effect they’re have on the other person.

Yet beyond what we say is also how we say it. If an air of condescension exists or an insincere attitude appears or an insensitive manner occurs, the truth we have to share may never find its target. Setting the table is as important as what you place on the table. Prepare well!

Learn from the Master. Follow the footsteps of the Wonderful Counselor Himself. Love your neighbor as yourself.

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