Can we talk about something else?

The topic of death is usually not one many people tend to gravitate toward. Truth is, we’d really rather not even bring it up for a discussion. It’s dark and gloomy and introduces cloudy skies even on the sunniest day. Why address such a somber subject saturated in sadness?

Why is this? Why do we avoid dialogue that even remotely links with dying? For many, the thought of the afterlife is, well it isn’t! We live, we die and that’s it. This fatalistic view reeks of doom and discouragement. Why would you want to go there?

Another view of the hereafter is that everyone goes to heaven (i.e. universalism). The pearly gates open wide to allow all to pass through. So why talk about such a common destination? Is it really a big deal if it’s the only endpoint?

But for most, the afterlife is very uncertain. The multitude of people has no assurance whether they will go to heaven when they die. So instead of fixating on such uncertainty, they purposely ignore it in favor of something that’s more comforting.

And yet death remains the inevitable outcome for everyone ever born. No one will avoid their final breath as the heart pounds its last beat. At that very moment, we shall stand before our Creator to give an account of our lives (Romans 14:12). What will yours be? Whose work are you trusting in?

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