Care For A Squeeze

Have you discovered how easy parenting is when the children listen and behave? Have you noticed how much more relaxing the beach is when no one else is around? Have you found that life is good when your belly is full from a great meal?

But let’s alter each of the above scenarios just a little. How easy is parenting when the children are bickering and fussing with each other? How relaxing is the beach when it’s crowded and noisy? How happy are you when your stomach is growling and you’re starving? It really doesn’t take much to shift our outlook and ruin the day.

Truth is, every one of us can be a little fickle. Not unlike the weather in Ohio, we can soon change without a moment’s notice when a hair appears in our soup or a car cuts in front of us or the nosy neighbor shows up on our front porch. From praising God for a glorious day, we may even curse humanity for their interruption in our life.

When you squeeze the tube, only what’s in comes out. You never get frosting from a tube of toothpaste! When life squeezes you, only what’s in comes out. The trials of life do not create what’s inside you, they simply open the door for what’s already there to vent. How’s your attitude today? May grace and gentleness exude when life squeezes you!

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