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Change of Plans

Give me the easier route any day, right?

  • A smooth trip on vacation without any car troubles or construction roadwork or inclement weather.

  • A conflict-free day at the office without any unrealistic demands or last-minute projects or coworker meltdowns

  • An enjoyable restaurant dinner with the family minus any temper tantrums or wrong orders or obnoxious customers

  • A relaxing time watching football on a Saturday afternoon without any fumbles or interceptions or losses by my team

Good luck with any of those scenarios unfolding the way you planned them. In a fragmented, chaotic world, expect the unexpected and in fact, make plans for things to not occur per your blueprint.

And yet, if you believe that God is sovereign and thus in absolute control, then even the interruptions and disruptions flow within His design for your life. And if such added details occur with His fingerprints on them, they have a divine purpose.

Next time something does not go according to plan, look first for the hand of God. What truth may He be imparting to you? What area of weakness is He addressing? He has a plan – even if it’s not exactly yours!

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