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Check the Instructions

In the arena of the W’s, the H gets lost. Let’s face it. As the questions are asked, Who and What and Where and When get the priority. Only every now and then does How speak out and make his presence felt.

Yet How is extremely important. Without it, there is no instruction booklet. Without it, follow-through probably won’t be accomplished, let alone completed. Without it, a change on the assembly line brings production to an instant, continuous halt.

We really and truly need How. With it we can correctly assemble the furniture, properly fill out a resume, bake a delicious cake, legally ride a car, and become an expert surgeon.

So too it is with the Word of God! While we ought to notice the Who, What, Where and When, we will do well to also observe the How. No wonder one of the most recognized sections in the Bible is the “Disciples’ Prayer” which teaches how to pray. And nearly the entire Book of Proverbs pertains to how we should wisely live life with regard to money, communication, parenting, marriage and work.

Since giving is a spiritual discipline that God expects from His followers, it should not surprise us that How to do so is also addressed in the Bible. God is greatly concerned with How His people give – even though such giving is in private!

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