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How would you evaluate the following scenarios?

  • The quarterback throws five touchdown passes in the first half. But as the team comes out for the second half, he decides to stay in the locker room and play video games.

  • The final exam covers all the material in both textbooks. The student decides to only study from one of the textbooks.

  • The marriage is all roses the first year. But when challenges and conflict invade, one spouse checks out. It’s too hard.

None of those scenarios end well. The commitment disappeared, if it was actually there all along. Too often, we live life like it’s a short sprint when it’s really a marathon.

What if:

Abraham never left Haran for Canaan?

The Israelites didn’t enter the Promised Land?

Paul didn’t go on his missionary trips?

Christ did not die on a cross?

Thankfully, they all followed through on their commitments. Are you? What’s undone that needs to be done today?

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