Conflict's Cure

Unless you’re an ostrich, you know better. You look around and see that this world is not becoming a better place but instead, much more evil (2 Timothy 3:1). While we seem to be shielded from much of the violence in this world while residing in the United States, the statistics do not actually support that thinking. We are in troubling times both here and abroad.

In response, mankind seeks to fortify their armies, think positive thoughts, issue peaceful platitudes and enact broad-sweeping social reforms. All just attempts may sound meritorious, but they only scratch the surface and do not address the real issue. We have a heart problem!

No surgeon or doctor can help since the issue is not physical but spiritual. Our great dilemma is that man is separated from God and thus under His wrath. Detached from God, there is no hope and truly, no peace (Ephesians 2:12).

World peace, though seemingly a noble concept, will never be achieved in this present world at this present time. True peace is not acquired horizontally but vertically and is found not in people or circumstances but in a Person (Ephesians 2:14).

Instead of avoiding conflict or fleeing strife, why not turn to the Savior? The Prince of peace (Isaiah 9:6) has come and His name is Jesus. He is the answer to what ails society.

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