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Don't Forget

Losing focus isn’t difficult for any of us.

For the first grader, learning his numbers when he looks out the window and sees kids playing at recess.

For the senior in high school when all the “important” tests are finished and he’s going through the motions.

For the motorist on a long trip through several states as the eyes grow weary and the road appears endless.

For the mother, whose baby seems to have only one response: loud crying!

For the aged one, whose accomplishments have been forgotten and whose friends are passing.

We all lose focus at multiple points along the journey. From monotonous routines or adverse circumstances or greener pastures, blurry vision overtakes us.

For the follower of Christ, danger lurks when we forget the assigned mission. Too much of us leans in and too little of Him moves out. Our will, not His will rules center stage.

The moment man becomes big and God becomes small, the path greys and the purpose dims. At such a moment and long before, we must return to why we are on this earth.

We are to glorify God. There simply is no higher or greater calling on our lives. With this, He will be well-pleased and we will be fully blessed.

Remember and model the Son’s mission from His Father:

for I always do those things that please Him (John 8:29)

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