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As you approach the intersection, the traffic light is red. You weren’t born yesterday so you slow your car down and eventually stop as the light remains red. After a few more seconds, which always seem like minutes, the light turns green and, wha-la, off you go!

It’s really rather simple, isn’t it? Red means stop, yellow means be careful, and green means go. Every motorist understands this – and has to obey it – whether they like it or not. It’s the law and it’s designed to save your life.

But what if some people began to tape some colorful signs on telephone poles and mailboxes that distracted motorists from focusing on the traffic light? What if other people were standing along that same road, singing: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so whatever color the light flashes, it’s really green”?

Ridiculous, right? Who would give credence to taped paper signs and a multitude of subjective voices instead of the actual traffic light? Besides, if you don’t abide by the colors of the traffic light, danger will occur!

Could this be a little like Christmas? So many songs are playing and decorations are hanging that cover up the real Christmas. It’s the birthday of our Savior but have you found yourself giving more attention to the lights, presents, vacation, movies, baking, and travel? How tragic if you miss the real Christmas!

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