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EZ Give?

We love convenience, don’t we?

● To drive up, order our meal and take it home

● To get instant results from our on-line exam

● To open our phone to get the latest news, posts and pics

● To walk into an urgent care facility today instead of waiting the next day to see the physician

● To purchase objects that vacuum the house, open and lock the doors, and even start and preheat the car for you

Yes, we like the good life. Comfort and convenience reign as king today! While some of this can make life easier, some of this can also cloud our commitments and blur our purpose. That can be quite detrimental, especially in the spiritual arena.

Think about your giving to the local church. While an app on your phone or a computer facilitates this step, could it also weaken your resolve? Since giving is a matter of worship, has it become too convenient? Since giving is a spiritual discipline, have you marginalized this godly act to a few clicks on the screen? Does such ease of giving allow you to model to your children the importance of sacrificial giving or is it removed from their sight? Is it now just another bill on the stack to pay electronically?

Think about it. How engaged is your heart in your giving today?

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