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First Glance

First impressions can have a very strong influence on how we perceive or approach something.

If the person coming directly toward us appears angry, we might think about reversing direction.

If the book is especially quite voluminous, we may tend to put off reading it.

If the kids from the new family across the street are running wildly in the yard, we may feel their mother doesn’t care.

If the car in front of us is driving exactly the speed limit, we may perceive him to be a new driver or an older driver.

Yes, first impressions can make quite the impact, either positively or negatively. And once made, it may be quite challenging to dislodge or change those perceptions.

The same is true when we turn to one of the sixty-six books of the Bible. We determine if it’s an Old or New Testament book. We check out the number of chapters and the length of the chapters.

We quickly notice if there’s many hard-to-pronounce names and whether it’s narrative or some other literary style. Doctrinal or practical will also be quickly evident.

We can be certain if it’s in the Bible, it has great profit. Each and every word of God is equally inspired and worthy of our attention.

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