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Follow Him!

Attempting to walk from the beach into the ocean as the waves hit you isn’t so easy. You take two steps forward but then one step back or have an unsteadiness as you go against the tide.

How much the same it is with the movement in our spiritual journey! For the believer, this world is against us. Indeed, we face the waves of secularism and fatalism and commercialism and humanism and hedonism.

It’s often difficult to continue the pursuit. After all,

It’s easier to go with the flow.

Perhaps we can make more friends if we don’t resist.

Is it really worth the effort?

What good is it if we make no progress?

Yes, it’s hard to walk contrary to the crowd, to march to the beat of a different Drummer. At times it’s lonely and often it’s draining.

So why do it? Why stand up for your faith and stand against this world? Because our God commands us. He who allowed Himself to be crucified on a cross by mere man does not ask us to do more than He Himself did.

His was a total sacrifice. Yours? Probably not. He really suffered. You? Merely inconvenienced and irritated.

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