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We learn much from our parents. What team to cheer for (The only one in Ohio, right!), who we should have as friends, when we should go to bed, what are good movies to watch, how to handle our money, and what career we should consider. In fact, we even talk like our parents and imitate some mannerisms.

While such horizontal leanings have many positives, our bond with the Heavenly Father is all positive. Because of Him, we can respond in kind ways. Since He shares some of His attributes with humanity, we can be quite the blessing upon others.

  • We can love others, including even our enemies.

  • We can make wise decisions.

  • We can say “No” to sin and choose to live pure.

  • We can speak gracious truth to one another.

  • We can pursue justice in our dealings.

The Son of God perfectly modeled such attributes to those He ministered to while on earth. Thus, following His footsteps is the very best route to choose. No wonder the Apostle Paul issued this challenge to fellow believers: “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1).

Whose paces are you pursuing? Only His way is truly the pathway to the greatest blessing for you and others!

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