Good & Angry

We all get angry – even really angry!

  • When the traffic we’re stuck in comes to a grinding halt

  • When a close friend says something that’s quite insensitive

  • When our neighbor lets his dog relieve itself in your yard

  • When you’ve been on hold for 30 minutes and the call drops

  • When you look at your sales receipt at home and realize you were charged twice for the same item

  • When your new roof leaks a day after the guarantee ends

Yes, anger can get the upper hand quicker than we can sneeze. It seems to be rooted in our DNA and whether we blow up or clam up, it’s still anger and it’s still sinful.

Unfortunately, we tend to project our views on God. That is, how we see life and how we respond to life must be how God does also. Since we get angry for any and every reason, He must too. Such is the sad correlation too many make of God.

Unlike man, God is absolutely holy. Any anger that pours from Him is always righteous. So while our anger springs from imperfection, His anger sources from perfection. When God is angry in the Bible, there’s a really good reason. Thankfully, it flows from a gracious Deity who hasn’t lost perspective!

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