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Happy Birthday

Birthdays are a wonderful time, no matter the age. To look forward as a kid to the great gifts that parents, grandparents and even siblings will give you. To dive into the scrumptious cake or dessert and to invite a few friends to the celebration.

But have you noticed that the older you get, instead of looking ahead you’re now looking a little back. Yes, for the really older, it’s just good to be alive! Yet, instead of anticipating the next chapter, there tends to be more introspection on the last chapter.

In such times of reflection, it should be a time of thanksgiving for what has been accomplished. It’s a time of rejoicing in reliving the memories. It’s a reminder that the days of our lives are numbered and that number is dwindling.

As America celebrates its birthday Sunday, it should grant us pause to reflect on our rich heritage and amazing history. It should be a time of gratefulness for God’s blessing upon our land. It should stir us in our freedoms that we too often take for granted.

As America looks forward, may we do so on our knees before the God of all countries. As we face disturbing trends and escalating troubles, may we keep our confidence in the one true Governor of all governors, the King of all kings. To Him be the glory!

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