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Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are exciting, especially when you are young. The presents that pile up for you to open, the friends to share the party with, the cake to overindulge in, the anticipation of growing up and becoming an adult (with all those “fun” choices!).

But then you get older, and birthdays tend to take on a different look. It’s not so much about the gifts or the party or the hoopla. It’s also not as much about looking ahead as it is about looking back, reflecting upon the years that have been lived.

For those who have accumulated a good number of years, this look back becomes longer and longer as the reality of mortality begins to creep into the thoughts. That provides an opportunity to evaluate life, to gauge the lessons learned, as well as the battles fought, and the victories achieved.

As America celebrates her 246 years of existence, it affords enough history to evaluate our country. How blessed we are in this land of the free to raise up our families, to pursue our dreams, and to help others as a good neighbor.

Yet, our nation’s birthday also enables us to look to the Bible and heed the cautions that confront God’s people as we live on foreign soil. This isn’t our home; God is preparing that for us. But while we sojourn here, may we do so with fresh reminders of how we ought to live while passing through. It’s checkup time.

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