Have You Heard?

Don’t you love the evening news?

A five-year-old boy shot himself with a gun he found in his parent’s bedroom. A mother of three children was mugged while jogging through her neighborhood. An FBI agent was convicted of selling intelligence reports to Russia. A pharmaceutical company has been accused of ignoring the adverse effects of its leading drug. Players on the top rated college basketball team have admitted to cheating on numerous exams.

If you aren’t depressed, you will be after you watch the nightly news. From start to finish, the slant is negative and catastrophic. Even the weather report minimizes the sunny, dry days for the “next major storm that’s arriving,” although it’s a week away!

That’s why good news is so good. We seldom seem to hear much of it! We’ve been conditioned in our country to “long” for the bad news. No wonder we have more pessimists today than optimists based on the depression rates in America and the anti-depressants prescribed.

Care to hear some good news? Actually, care to hear the best news you could ever receive? It came to pass the moment Jesus walked out of the grave on the third day. “He’s alive; He has risen,” is the grandest of the news. He conquered death so we do not have to face death. Have you heard?

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