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Having A Hard Day?

Waking up to an autumn day can surface diverse reactions:

Aren’t the colors on the trees so beautiful?

It’s only a matter of time before I have to rake the leaves!

The cooler weather is so refreshing.

Ugh. Winter is just around the corner!

I’m looking forward to some bonfires in the backyard.

How sad that the days are getting shorter.

Didn’t we have such a wonderfully long summer?

I bet we will have a lengthy winter!

How true of life that we have different responses to life. One day, a morning unlike any other, several individuals approach the tomb where they laid the lifeless body of Jesus. Looking into that empty cave where the body is now gone, three different people have three different responses.

What is your response to an empty tomb?

Will you run and tell others?

Will you walk away confused and bewildered?

Will you believe that a miracle has occurred?

Will you deny the fact of the resurrection?

An empty tomb changed everything. Has it changed you?

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