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He Knows!

Life carries with it disappointments:

Your friend buys you a sweater – in your least favorite color!

Your neighbor mows your lawn – as well as the rose bush!

Your postal carrier delivers you a check – and two bills!

Your vacation starts this week – the forecast is rain every day!

You get the picture, a somewhat dismal picture. Even when good times come, they may arrive in shapes and sizes that don’t fit so well. It’s a blessing, sort of.

Thankfully, God never gets it wrong with us. He knows a thing or two or three.

He knows our thoughts before we think them.

He knows our steps before we take one.

He knows our words before we speak.

He knows our tomorrows while it is still today.

He knows our final breath even before our first breath.

He knows our needs before we even have needs.

Yes, He’s the perfect Father. He cares for His children. And He promises to watch over our lives every minute of every day.

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