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How Big is Your God?

It starts at a very young age as little children. Boys play with tiny cars and trucks while girls play with baby dolls and miniature houses. We buy recreational toys for them that include a four foot basketball hoop, a little car, a dollhouse, a baby buggy, a tiny wagon, and a mini kitchen.

We bring life down to their size as we “fit” them with what they can handle with their own hands. To them, it’s life size but to us parents, we know different.

Is this not what can happen when it comes to God with our children? We shrink the scriptures and give the toddler a children’s Bible. It’s what we do! We shrink Bible characters to figures on a screen and make a movie. We downsize the cross and give it as a necklace to wear.

But we grow up and leave such “miniature” notions behind, right? Maybe not. Have you ever thought, even briefly, “If I were God, I would …” At such a moment, we attempt to bring God down to our size, on our terms and insert our game plan, our strategy to govern life. In short, we assume His position and play His role.

But He is God and we are not. It is He who has made us and not we ourselves (Psalm 100:3). Be careful of putting God in your box. Remember Who He is and who you are. That’s quite a size difference, isn’t #it?

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