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How Big is Your God?

Who is God like to you? Some say He is like a grandfather who visits occasionally and is sometimes kind but sometimes uptight. Others say He is a tyrant who bosses everyone around. Still others say He is a genie who supplies every wish you make.

Don’t you think God knew we would not get Him right all the time? Hence the very first commandment is to have no other gods before Him. He knew that we would fabricate our own idols to ultimately replace our view of a deficient god who wasn’t close enough or powerful enough or gracious enough.

Actually, the question, “Who is God like to you?” opens the door to the misuse and abuse of the first commandment. Putting God in our own words or picturing Him in our own terms can be thin ice to skate on. We simply don’t always get God right no matter how grounded we are in the scriptures or Christ-like in our belief.

Since our natural default is to walk by sight and not by faith, we are easily swayed into characterizing God with the people and things we see. In so doing, we significantly downsize our great and glorious Lord. So too, we reduce His power and His presence by limiting Him to a mere man.

Is it time for you to “re-size” God? Have you shrunk Him so much that He is unable to accomplish anything too big? If the heavens cannot contain Him, neither can your mere mind!

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