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How Different?

Although Dr. Seuss once pictured in his book a man walking a fish down the street, that’s purely fictitious. You can’t walk a fish down the street. Fish don’t typically live outside of water. Their natural habitation is a lake or pond or sea. That’s where they live.

For a temporary time on this earth, we are allotted from our Creator a certain life span. We cannot add one day or subtract one day from this time period. Furthermore, while it is natural for earthlings to live on earth, it is not to be natural for Christians to live on this earth.

Why? Because in Christ, we have been recreated for an entirely different kingdom. While we currently reside on this planet, we truly are citizens of a heavenly kingdom which is being prepared for us. So, while we live in this world, this really isn’t our home.

That truth should impact how we go about our daily existence. If this world is not our true home, we ought not get too comfortable with it. If the philosophies of this land are not ours, we ought not get too complacent with them.

Indeed, in a fallen, sinful world, God calls His people to be holy. Though still residing in this world, we are not to be like this world. Instead of conforming to it, we are to conform to His will and His Word. How different is our life from those around us? Since God has set us apart, He commands us to live set apart!

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