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I Can't Find It!

Where did I park my car?

Who took my glasses?

Did anyone see my keys?

I left the book on the table and now it’s not there!

We lose so many things over the course of our life. Yes, sometimes we find them but mostly, that key or ring or contact lens or sock (☹) vanishes into the pit of “never never” land.

On a much grander scale, actually the gravest scale, the moment Adam disobeyed God and took of the forbidden fruit, he plunged humanity into the pit of sin and with it, forfeited a volume of blessings. All gone in an instant!

Such is the abject spiritual poverty that everyone ever born enters this world. We live as sinners detached from God. Thinking ourselves to be good, we remain quite bad. Thankfully, God offers a rescue to anyone who will turn from sin (i.e. repent) and turn to the Savior (i.e. believe).

On that third day, Jesus Christ walked right out of the tomb. In so doing, He gained the victory over death and restores to us all that was loss by Adam. Once lost, now found. This can be your eternal condition today if you trust in the Savior.

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