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I Found It!

Many discoveries have tremendously impacted our world:

* Electricity

* Penicillin

* Gravity


* Telephone

We usually benefit greatly from the findings of humanity as they enhance our lives. And yet, no one ever makes a great discovery and then keeps it to himself. Quite the opposite, he patents it, then sells it to the world.

But hands down, the greatest discovery ever occurs the moment an individual sees his impoverished condition as a condemned sinner standing before a holy God, who offers to this unrighteous one the righteousness of His Son. Having one’s eyes opened to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is the single greatest breakthrough anyone can EVER have!

But unlike all the other discoveries over time, this one is divine and eternal since it involves life after death. It’s the one treasure that outlasts time and actually extends beyond time. This gift of everlasting life remains alone at the top of the charts!

If today, you have made this incredible discovery, then how often are you sharing this amazement with others? It was never meant to be hidden but instead, to be heralded to the entire world. Take this cure for the ills of humanity to those around you today.

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