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I'm Wrong?

The baseball player has a batting average of .300 and that’s considered very good. Three out of every ten times (i.e. official “at bats” for those keeping score 😊) he steps to the plate, he gets a hit. Stated another way, seven out of every ten times he makes an out and that’s consider successful?

The quarterback completes 67% of his throws and that’s considered very good. Two-thirds of the time, he connects with his receivers. So, every third throw is incomplete and yet that’s considered successful?

Truth is, none of us get it right every time. We “strike out” and “miss” numerous times a week, if not each day. We take the wrong turn, say the wrong thing, quote the wrong song, think a wrong thought.

The Bible succinctly states it this way: “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Everyone ever born has missed the mark and thus falls short of God’s standard. He is perfect and none of us is! Yes, even perfectionists are not perfect (Sorry to burst your balloon!).

Thankfully, He sent His Son to do what we could not do. Jesus fulfilled the Law and lived a sinless life. Through faith in Christ alone, we can be clothed in rightness despite our wrongness. What an exchange! What an offer! Have you accepted it?

#holiness #omnipotence #justice #fairness #sovereignty #omniscience

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