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I Need a Break!

Life certainly has its share of potential problems!

Will there be enough money to pay for all the bills?

Will the holidays be more drama with the extended family?

Will my child make the right choices as he enters adulthood?

Will we face a major health crisis in our immediate family?

Will my marriage be able to handle the increased conflict as of lately?

At times, doesn’t it seem that a break from reality would be quite an enjoyable vacation? To just get away. Unfortunately, when you come back, the problems are still there ☹.

As a follower of God, your problems may even increase. The reality of living in a world that is opposed to Christianity will increase your challenges. A biblical worldview conflicts with the present philosophies. Following a scripturally-informed morality is rather different from what unfolds in society.

But God will equip you for the battle. He will renew your strength for the journey. He will bring joy in the struggle. And He will accompany you every step of the way.

If God is for us, who can stand against us? That’s not a question; it is a promise!

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