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It's My Money

The local high school is collecting cans of food for its annual drive. As they show up at the front door of your house, how tempting is it to grab a few cans from the back of your pantry that you don’t mind giving away?

As you exit the local department store, a person approaches from a display table and immediately seeks a donation from you. How easy is it to simply say, “I’m not interested” or “I’m in a rush”?

As the commercial airs on your television, pictures of neglected dogs bombard the screen and plead with you to send a tax-deductible gift to this organization. You may likely be tempted to turn the channel.

With so many needy requests around us, it’s easy to soon become dull and unconcerned. After all, it’s our money, right? Shouldn’t we be able to do with it as we want?

We Americans live in one of the, if not the most prosperous country. We are blessed to grow up with an abundance to pursue and do what we desire. Unfortunately, our excesses can begin to possess us as we become tight-fisted instead of open-handed.

The greatest example ever of giving is God sending His only Son into this world to become the Savior of man. God held nothing back but gave us the greatest gift. As His followers, this is our model. Why would we not want to give all to Him?

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