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It's Not Over

The last minute of your life is not the last minute of your life. Some understand this; some do not. For those who do, it’s the beginning of the next step but for those who don’t, it’s the great awakening of a hereafter. The moment you die is not the final chapter since an even greater one awaits.

For the believer, the promise of eternal life avails one of seeing Jesus, of entering heaven, of no more sin and sorrow, and of reunion with all the saints who have gone before. It’s the most excellent place inhabited by the Most Excellent One.

But for the unbeliever, what awaits is not bliss or blessed. What comes next is neither pleasant nor delightful as utter separation from God occurs in a realm of total darkness and torment. This is the extreme opposite of the most excellent of places.

We must not candycoat the reality of life after death for those who reject Christ. We cannot diminish the eternal judgment that shall fall upon them. We should not neglect to share every opportunity we get about the greatest news of a Savior who came to rescue humanity from sin.

Yet for the unbeliever, such a fate isn’t just futuristic. Even now, he experiences life apart from God and thus life lived in his own strength while blind to the amazing works of the Creator. Who do you know who doesn’t know? Or, is it you who doesn’t?

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