Just Perfect?

Nothing is perfect in this world. Nothing? What about the new house that we just built that also covers any defects? That warranty will end and you can be sure that some legal jargon allows the builder to escape from full liability. So what about that perfect vacation spot we love to go to every year? Mosquitoes and flies live there too! Does it not also rain?

Nothing is perfect. Even the best marriage is littered with shortcomings and flaws. Even the perfect marriage of the Bible – that of Christ and the church – has serious issues on the church side!

Thankfully, Jesus Christ came into this world to save man from his brokenness. Sin separates man from God and classifies all of humanity’s righteous acts as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) as well as all his thoughts as only evil continually (Genesis 6:5). Jesus allowed Himself to be broken in order to heal the brokenness from sin that has wrecked every life ever born.

He who knew no sin became sin for us. Upon this perfect One was placed the guilt of man. When He arose again on the third day, the Great Physician now stands ready to heal all who come to Him by faith. He takes your shattered heart and replaces it with a new heart. He removes your selfish will and supplies a selfless will. He exchanges your temporal song with an eternal song. All of this makes the redeemed one just perfect.

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