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Laws & Discernment

Laws exist for a reason in our country as they seek to promote structure, safety and solidarity. They are standards placed on society so we can productively exist in America.

But let’s admit something. Keeping the letter of the law is impossible. Consider speed limit signs. They exist, not as options, but as mandates. While there may be a very small number of motorists who obey every single one of them at all times, do you know of anyone who does?

Who among us does not go a few miles above the speed limit since we know this will not be enforced by the police? In some frenzied sections of our country (e.g. Chicago), if you don’t go above the speed limit you present a hazard for everyone else that’s going with the flow of traffic.

Now listen, that does not suggest that doing what the crowd does is right. It does, however, suggest that sometimes we need to “stretch” the law for safety’s sake at the moment.

Not you? Never? What if you are driving your pregnant wife to the hospital and she is seconds from delivering? Will you obey the speed limit the entire way or for her safety, get her to the hospital quickly, even if it involves going a few miles above the speed limit? The laws of man, unlike God’s laws, are fallible. Obey them but use discernment!

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