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Leave Me Alone!

Who left the freezer door open?

Why are there so many ants in the basement?

I can’t believe it. My acne is worse with the medication!

We’re short-staffed again?

Those neighborhood kids keep throwing rocks in my yard!

Trouble finds all of us. It doesn’t need an address; it knows where we live. It doesn’t even come disguised as it barges in through the front door and plops down on the couch!

Desiring comfort and ease, we find conflict and inconvenience. Thinking it will leave us alone on vacation, it slips onto the cargo rack and interrupts the trip. Yes, trouble plays no favorites as it invades all our lives.

Jesus warned His followers that each day will bring its share of trouble (Matthew 6:34). But if we don’t address it, guess where it ends up? So, the next day we have twice the trouble to deal with!

Encouraging, right? Not really! What is encouraging is that God knows what awaits us and He grants us daily grace to address whatever comes our way. Yes, sufficient is today’s trouble. But so much more sufficient is His grace to respond to it.

You aren’t in this alone. The God of the universe walks with you!

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