Living Outside The Walls

High school and college seek to aid in your educational development, but as to preparing you for life, maybe not so much. Learning in a classroom does not always translate to living in the world. “Book smarts” and “street smarts” aren’t necessarily the same.

How much truer when it pertains to eternal matters! Attending church on Sunday and praising God with all your heart does not automatically correlate to effectively and purposefully living and sharing your faith from Monday through Friday. Commitments on Sunday may not robotically permeate our testimony during the week.

We can hear a powerful truth in the message or sense a special spiritual connection through a song or find encouragement in the words of a fellow believer within the walls of the church, only to one day later find ourselves discouraged, distressed and derailed outside the walls of the church.

While it is important that we gather together as a group of believers to worship our great God and find spiritual renewal, so too it is important that we shine our brighter lights into a darkened world. Be encouraged that the Redeemer continues to walk with you every step along the path. The One you’ve come to worship is the One who goes before you, comes along side you and lives within you. You’ve got this; He’s got you!

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