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Look In Before You Look Out

How could you do such a thing?

Why didn’t you think first?

Anyone with half a brain should have seen that coming!

You’ve really made a mess of it this time.

You’re a real piece of work, aren’t you?

Ever heard those words from someone? You say you’ve said them? Gulp. Truth is, we’re all guilty of sliding into a role that was actually never vacant. We step into a high and holy position to play God the moment we think we need to convict and convince others of their guilt.

Why do we travel this path? Why do our feet take us this direction? It’s not like God deficiently carries out His work and needs an occasional assist from us. What He does is always perfect. So why do we find ourselves guilting others? Could it be that the greater issue is not with the person we think needs to see his sin but first with the person we see in the mirror?

Next time you find yourself slipping into God’s role, hit the pause button. Before you look out, look in. Pop the hood of your heart and take a long, penetrating gaze into your motive. It’s likely that something selfish has attached itself to your heart and polluted your motive. Let the Word of God cleanse you.

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