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Look UP!

You stay up all night (Thank you, coffee!) and study for the test, which you ace. Of course you take credit for the grade!

You sink the winning basket for your high school team. Of course you enjoy the moment as you’re lifted up on the shoulders of your teammates.

You put the last brick into the decorative wall circling the tree in your front yard. Of course you pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

You come early and stay late. You excel in every project. You do whatever is asked. Now you get a pay raise. Of course you take pride in your promotion.

As life happens, it’s quite easy to make yourself the center of attention. After all, it was your hard work, keen insight, creative flair and athletic prowess. But Who gave you the strength, wisdom, inspiration and vigor? Shouldn’t He get “some” credit?

But often we go horizontal and even take a U-turn to direct the attention to us. We deflate the Creator and inflate creation. We make much of humanity and less about the God of humanity.

Remember Who gave you hands to work, eyes to see, feet to move, ears to hear, lungs to breathe and a brain to think. Without Him, we really are quite limited. But with Him, look out!

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