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Look Up!

  • Torched cities

  • Gender confusion

  • Rampant Inflation

  • Divided country

  • Disturbed parents

  • Corrupt theories

  • Vaccine uncertainty

  • Worker shortage

The bad news keeps on coming and coming and coming. Given a choice, most people want to hear the bad news before they hear the good news but, is there any good news?

It begins the moment we redirect our attention from around us to above us, from people and circumstances to our great and glorious God. Everything around us is under a curse, so it should not surprise us that things are breaking down and falling apart.

When we reorientate our focus to Him, our fixation of the temporal will lessen. When we return our confidence to Him, the foundation under our feet remains solid.

There will never be an absence of bad news while life on earth continues. But there will always be the best news when we turn on eyes to our glorious God. Lift up your gaze today!

#salvation #covenant #TenCommandments #boldness #blindness #freewill #change

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