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Love Your Neighbor

Do I have to? A question usually reveals an unwillingness to do what has been requested. Something is unpleasant, undesirable, or inconvenient and he is letting you know.

Do I have to clean up my room?

Do I have to talk about this issue now?

Do I have to finish this project by the end of the day?

Many of these requests pertain to situations and circumstances that really don’t need us to like it but to just get it done, sooner than later.

But when it comes to the two great commandments, we must fully engage our heart and our hands. We simply cannot love God and love our neighbor out of duty. Such an approach will quickly evidence itself as insincere and empty.

Now here is what’s amazing: God supplies the main ingredient! The love we impart to Him and to our neighbor is the love He Himself supplies (Romans 5:5). We don’t have to manufacture it or fake it; we simply let it flow through us from the ample supply He has poured in us!

He never asks us to do what He hasn’t equipped us to do. And He only asks us to do what He Himself first did!

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