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It happens!

The son “forgets” to take out the trash

The child leaves the clothes on the bedroom floor

The daughter arrives home after the curfew

The teenager yells at his parents

Even in the best of home settings, children do not always comply with the rules, the expectations, of the family. Whether due to laziness, stubbornness, insensitivity, or unconcern, they do what they want to do and not what they should do.

Isn’t that like our relationship as children to our Father? We know what we ought to do, but we do not always do it. Indifference, distraction, slothfulness, and even rejection of God’s way occurs. As sheep, we wander from the “straight and narrow road.”

Though it happens, it ought not be normative for the followers of Christ. We cannot simply excuse it or use a “free pass” card. No, we must confess our sinful behavior and turn a godly direction.

Thankfully, God is always present, always at work, and always displaying His grace. Though imperfect children, He showers us with perfect love. When we fail, He forgives. When we wander, He remains. Even when we forget Him, He still remembers us.

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