More Gifts?

Christmas time usually brings a multitude of presents to many homes as they arrive from family or friends (and with a little help from Amazon). One by one, they’re placed under the tree or on a table. But what happens next involves several versions.

Some who unwrap their gifts spend more time carefully opening the present so as not to “disturb” the wrapping paper. It appears they are more focused on the external than the internal.

Some, especially little children, spend more time “playing” with the box the gift comes in than with the gift itself.

And some, due to the sheer volume of presents received, overlook or ignore one of the wrapped gifts. It stays in its untouched condition until a future time.

Beloved, the great gift of Christmas is the birth of Jesus. This is the One who came into this world to be the Savior of the world. The Light has come and He has shone into the darkness a way, the way, to God the Father.

Sadly, this greatest gift of Christmas is overlooked, “toyed” with and not taken seriously, or lost in the trappings of the sheer volume of decorative distractions that accompany Christmas. Gladly, when this gift is truly received, when this gift is truly believed, it changes everything. Salvation has come to man. Have you opened this great gift yet?

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