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Need An Appraisal?

The outward look does frequently flavor our assessment!

* The star football player must have it altogether

* The popular actress must have the best life

* The multi-billionaire must not have any problems

* The perfect spouse must have no struggles

Yes, we often judge a book by its cover. We make a quick surmisal of the circumstances and dispense an opinion. Never mind that it was limited in scope and brief in time. It’s our own so it must be right!

Yet, do we not often later discover that it was a little inaccurate, if not totally wrong. That star football player? He has some significant injuries that may hamper his future quality of life. That popular actress? She has no real friends. That multi-billionaire? He has lawsuits and critics to deal with. That perfect spouse? You can figure that one out!

Truth is, the best evaluation is the one that addresses the health of our heart. No, not the physical organ that pumps blood but the spiritual control center that fills with desires. Instead of looking into the mirror, look into your heart. What are you noticing? What does God see? Is it a heart that seeks to please Him and love Him or is it occupied and fixated too much on the world?

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