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No Avoiding It

Certain topics flow much more freely than others in our interactions. The news, weather and sports is one such segment.

Did you see the forecast for next week? Unbelievable how hot it will be!

The Buckeyes just signed another five-star recruit. What a great 2024 team we’re going to have.

Isn’t it terrible how high the grocery prices have risen? I’m not sure what we’re going to do if this continues.

What’s happening around us in the world is often easier to talk about than what may be happening around us in the church or in our family or in our friend group, especially when it pertains to anything that may potentially get messy and uncomfortable.

If an offense or wrongdoing has been committed, though we likely will react inwardly, we might not do so directly to the one who instigated it. We tend to talk about it but not talk to it. In other words, we’re comfortable talking to others about what someone did, we just are not so comfortable talking with the one who did it.

But if we don’t, we may fall prey to the “one bad apple corrupts the entire bunch of apples.” If we do not address the sin in the camp, the entire camp may soon find itself tainted by that sin. No, we must address the sin but in grace and love – sooner than later.

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