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Notice Anything?

What a difference!

A cup of old coffee versus a freshly ground, robust cup

A ride in a VW Bug and a Ferrari

A black and white photo and a colorful, vivid photo

A drive through Iowa and one through Colorado

A one-bedroom apartment and a mansion

A song on karaoke and singing on “America’s God Talent”

You get the point. Some things are vastly different depending on the venue and object. And while it may cost more or take longer, for many it is worth it. Sadly, we sometimes settle for what’s available and convenient instead of what may be best.

When it comes to Christ, He is eternally superior to anything this world has to offer. He alone is God and not a god. He came to offer life, not death. He is everywhere at one time and not fixed in time. He is loving and just, not unconcerned and distant. He is all wise and all knowing, not needing to be informed.

And when we trust in this incredible Savior, everything changes. It’s not simply a slight difference; it’s a radical difference. It’s not just a modification, but a transformation. If you are in Christ, the world should see quite the difference. Do they?

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