Off with the Old!

Chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, fancy baskets, family gatherings, ham and green beans. Isn’t this what Easter is all about? To the world it truly is, but to those who have been set apart from this world, it doesn’t come close.

To believers, Resurrection Sunday is an empty tomb, a rolled-away stone, a risen Savior, the triumph over death, the defeat of sin, the eyewitness reports, the disciples’ surprise, and the Pharisees’ dread. It’s much more than an Easter bunny or egg.

Yet, there often remains one rather important facet of the Resurrection narrative that gets overlooked. While the tomb is empty, it really is not. Something has been left behind and that something adds to the credibility of the resurrection.

When Jesus Christ walked right out of that tomb victorious, He left behind His grave clothes. Those garments represent death but He conquered death. There was no need to wear them for He has risen to new life. Yet the condition of these “left behind” grave clothes is remarkable.

These deadly garments were not tossed aside or thrown around but remained encircling a body that was no longer there. As sure as hours later He walked right through the door where the disciples gathered, He walked right out of those grave clothes to new life outside the tomb. So too for every believer!

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