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Open Your Eyes

Ask the average person on the street to describe God, assuming he or she believes in a “higher power,” and you’ll hear responses similar to these:

He is a distant deity

He is a tolerant parent

He is a powerful force

He is quite mean sometimes

He is not interested in me

Truth is, none of us always see God clearly. In fact, the Bible informs us that Satan has blinded the minds of the unbeliever so that they are really rather incapable of truly describing God.

Sadly, even believers don’t always describe Him accurately. Whether due to experiences, emotions or errant teaching, the picture painted lacks a few strokes or encompasses the wrong colors. Yes, we don’t always get God right.

But when we do, when we see God clearly, we are more apt to see ourselves clearly and ultimately, to live life as fruitful as possible. While often our vision diminishes with age, our spiritual vision doesn’t have to. As we clean our lens with the washing of the Word, we too will maintain a healthy view of God. With this, we will see life much more clearly.

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