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Open Your Eyes!

Sometimes we miss what’s right in front of us. Perhaps it’s due to a supposed familiarity or perhaps a lack of comprehension or maybe we just don’t really care.

The wall we walk into right in our own home! Where did that come from?

The father who doesn’t see he has a problem with anger although everyone else in the family knows it.

The traffic that is suddenly slowing down but the one oblivious motorist continues to speed along.

The little kid who is frantically trying to stay afloat in the pool while several nearby adults keep dialoguing in conversation.

How sad, regrettable, and even tragic when we miss the very obvious. When God stepped into time, most had no idea of such a miraculous entrance. This very God of very God taught parables, spoke wisdom and did miracles, but few truly recognized Jesus.

Sadly, humanity had Him nowhere on their radar. Even the very twelve disciples He had personally hand-picked had internal questions about His words and His timing as they jostled for position.

Every day, creation announces the Creator. The resurrection is an infallible truth of the deity of Jesus. The Word of God has handled the heretical attacks and the passing of time to remain the inerrant Book of books.

Don’t miss the obvious. Turn to the Lord today!

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