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Out With The Old

The remarks come at us from all directions; sometimes, even from within:

My legs are too short

My feet are too big

My hair is too thin

My nose is too long

My eyesight is too weak

My … You get the picture. Who among us has not questioned what we see in the mirror? Yet this is what God has fitted us with for this present time. It’s our earth suit that we continue to wear for the duration of our life on this planet.

Although His design is perfect, something interfered with it. The entrance of sin has added an array of challenges for our body, from illness to defect to injury to aging. And the more we live with this earth suit, the greater will be the struggle we endure.

Thankfully, the best awaits the follower of Christ. One day, after we exit this present scene, we shall be fitted with an altogether different body of glorious stature. It will be perfect as we shall exist in a perfect environment with our perfect God. Be encouraged. A new body awaits.

#eternity #sin #illness #difficulty #suffering #sickness #encouragement

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