Press On!

Without having the card in your wallet or even signing up, did you know you’re a member of the “Fellow Strugglers Club”? Every day, all of us struggle.

▫ Parents struggle to get enough sleep

▫ Students struggle to get assignments done

▫ Employees struggle to finish projects

▫ Motorists struggle to obey the speed limit

▫ Athletes struggle to stay competitive

▫ Small business owners struggle to make a profit

▫ Actors struggle to stay relevant

▫ Forecasters struggle to predict the weather

Yes, all of us have challenges. Yet on a far greater level, everyone ever born struggles with sin. We enter this world as sinners and we continue as sinners in a fallen world.

Thankfully, God provides an eternal rescue through His Son. Salvation is the ultimate game changer as the bondage to sin breaks and real change begins. Set free, we no longer have to sin. We do because we’re still in this world but we now have forgiveness of sin and a permanent relationship with Him.

Even in the darkest night, a follower of Christ has assurance of victory. The finish line is ahead but it’s now closer. Press on!

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