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Real Change

Walking into the room, the father observes his oldest son take a toy from his youngest son. Immediately, “Parenting 101” kicks in as the father jumps in with this all-too-quick response of instruction to his oldest son: “Tell your brother that you’re sorry.” Begrudgingly, the son relents. But what exactly did this accomplish? Other than to appease the parent, did this corrective action have any impact upon the oldest son? Probably not other than to temporarily move his lips to say something that his heart did not agree with!

Such an example isn’t all too different from the exchanges that unfold in our everyday life where we may voice the right words but our hearts remain stuck in the old ways. We may correct ourselves outwardly without engaging in any change inwardly. Can you guess how long that external action will last?

Real change does not paste a new behavior on an old behavior. Similarly, when it comes to our knowledge of God, we cannot simply insert a doctrinally sound belief on top of a subjectively unsound belief. That’ll only bring eventual conflict in our minds. Indeed, we must put off the wrong belief/thought/action and put on the right belief/thought/action. Anything less will not endure.

God desires full surrender and absolute devotion. We cannot entertain wavering ideas and altering concepts of Him. He is one God, undivided. So too must be your belief of Him.

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