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Real Happiness

You know the look!

When you get that unexpected but certainly deserved pay raise at your job!

When your quarterly financial portfolio shows a substantial increase!

When the medical insurance paid much more than you thought on those hospital bills!

When the tax refund is much larger than expected due to a tax break you didn’t know about!

When that windfall flows your way, you can’t help but have a huge smile on your face! The day is better and the sun is shining – even if it’s cloudy outside.

Yet as amazing as such temporal matters, how openly are you evidencing the eternal riches you have in Christ today? As His follower, you are the most blessed person on the earth!

Think about it: You have His constant companionship, complete forgiveness, unconditional love, certainty of salvation, citizenship in heaven, purpose in life, peace during turmoil, answers to prayer, enlightenment of eyes, and promise of provision.

Do others see this look – the look of godly satisfaction – in your life? If not, has the horizontal captured too much of you?

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